Corporate Connect buyer members are large organizations committed to global supplier diversity and inclusion that help build sustainable communities by sourcing from women-owned businesses around the globe.

The We-Fi Corporate Connect awareness campaign will target potential buyers in key economic sectors such as retail, chemicals and chemical products, garments, food and leather (where majority of WSMEs available in Bangladesh) and continue to increase their awareness on supplier diversity and inclusion and its benefits.

Project Objectives

  1. Training programs to scale up the productions and service quality of women-owned businesses.
  2. Opportunity to connect with over 700 women business owners and 65+ corporate representatives in next 3 years.
  3. Publicize engagement on the social media accounts of Corporate Connect
    Project Website and social media accounts.
  4. Opportunity to share success stories in different domestic and international forums.
  5. Being featured in project website, social media pages with the success cases.

Eligibility to join

  1. A women-owned SME business from any sector can join Corporate Connect. Priority will be given to those WSMEs that have 51% ownership to the women.
  2. The business must be formal and at least three years old.
  3. The business should have at least 5 employees.
  4. The business should have a business or tax identification number from the government.
  5. The business should have a bank account at a financial institution.
  6. The business should have readiness to do business with larger buyers.

Corporate Partners

The project is already supported by 19 Bangladeshi corporate partners. They have signed pledge letters to ensure sourcing more goods and services from women-owned businesses.

Also, the country’s first Supplier Diversity Advisory Committee was launched having 5 local and 2 international corporations on board.


A world of opportunity awaits you when your women-owned business joins Corporate Connect.

Connect with more than 13,000+ women-owned businesses across the globe.
Get your business exposed to member buyers, certified Women’s Business Enterprises and other Corporate Connect registered businesses.


Training intro

We bring you an opportunity to learn from the experts how to grow your business, build brands, craft online strategy, diversify products, and understand procurement processes of large buyers. The objective of this training program is to enable WSMEs to expand their business opportunities with local and international corporations. This training program is organized by North South University in collaboration with WEConnect International, the implementation partner of Corporate Connect project. This capacity building program will cover various aspects of enhancing your business opportunities, such as understanding your internal and external market environment, managing growth, expanding your customer base, reaching your customer, aligning and executing your business strategy with technology, understanding procurement processes, improving your grasp of financial management and tax/VAT related issues, and leadership skills development. The training will also focus on specific strategies for doing business as a woman in Bangladesh, overcoming social barriers to lead your team with a real market vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The training is intended for women business owners or key female decision makers in charge of making the final decision in marketing, sales, operations, or day-to-day business decision making.

Register now for this in-depth training

  • Provided by NSU Faculty Members
  • Hands-on experience with industry experts
  • Absolutely free training for 20 hours

Advanced Skill Enhancement training (online)

If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to attend an online training session and a subsequent business matchmaking opportunity for the better performers later. The expected time commitment for the online training program is 20 hours. This training program will be conducted by North South University faculty members as well as the industry experts. There are two timing options in the training based on your choice during the registration.

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